High security, tamper resistant, anti-theft, tamperproof and specialty fasteners.

Ultra Fasteners Inc has been supplying fasteners of all types to industry dating back to 1978.

The world is held together with nuts, bolts and screws. Ultra Fasteners takes great pride in supplying more than 40 countries.

Our can do attitude and approach to providing solutions for our customers results in a win / win partnership.

It’s more than a track record of delivering high quality fasteners that makes Ultra Fasteners Inc  a trusted brand. At Ultra Fasteners Inc , we understand that our business is dependent upon our customers and the industries we serve.

Ultra Fasteners Inc group of companies


Contact Ultra Fasteners Inc

via email: sales@ultrafasteners.com

Manufacturing our patent pending & and proprietary products in Pennsylvania and California

Telephone 1.888.584.6283

Int’l Phone +1 604 591 1100

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